lunedì 29 novembre 2010

I migliori ristoranti di roma

Rome's restaurants

Romans love to eat. And they love to eat good food. Despite their easy-going “ whatever happens, happens” attitude, they can become really picky when it comes to food.
The city centre has obviously the highest concentration of tourists so it can quite easy to fall into the tourist traps but if you see a restaurant packed with locals, go for it, as you can’t be wrong.
Most likely, it will be a good place. In Rome, you’ll find out that Italians are more than just pasta and pizza.  The hundreds and hundreds of restaurants of this city will delight you with all kind of gastronomic specialties:
from the food of Rome’s tradition to dishes from the different regions of Italy to exotic menu from all around the globe.There are possibilities for every pocket and for every mood. There are hip spots that attract a fashionable crowds, haute cuisine restaurants, countless pizzerias, those popular eateries called ”trattorie”, where it is not hard to find an old mama(no, it is not only a stereotype, I have stepped into a couple of those myself!) making fresh hand made pasta or even wine bars where you can nibble while enjoying a glass of wine. You can choose among:
  • Roman Cuisine Restaurants
  • SeaFood Restaurants
  • International Cuisine
  • Pizzerie
  • Vegetarian cuisine
  • Italian cuisine
  • Haute cuisine restaurants
  • Wine bars

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